Serennau outsideSerennu Children’s Centre

The Serennu Children’s Centre is a purpose-built Centre which provides state of the art treatment and assessment facilities, information and leisure activities for children and young people with disabilities and developmental difficulties in Newport, South Monmouthshire and South Torfaen.

Serennu isn’t just about the treatment that the children and young people will receive. The Centre also provides family centred services to accommodate the needs of parents and siblings too. Through use of the MediCinema and other leisure facilities, the Centre helps families to socialise and enjoy a range of activities in a supportive environment.

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Serennau - children playing around a tableYouth Club (11- 18 years)

Youth club provides young people with a disability or development difficulty with the opportunity to have fun and socialise with others in a fun and safe environment.

Everyone will have an opportunity to have their say and influence the activities, workshops and projects they take part in.

Access to this provision is via the Sparkle referral form and the completion of a personal profile.

“I love coming to youth club – I get to see all my friends”

“I like playing on the Wii – I am learning to take turns!”

"I always have fun and support at club”

Serennau - children playing insidePlay (5 - 10 years)

Our fun-tastic play club encourages children with a disability or developmental difficulty to lead their own play experiences and helps them to make new friends, express themselves creatively and develop their confidence!

Each play session is an exciting new experience, which is made up of free play, snack time, a fun group activity, even more play & circle time.

Access to this provision is via the Sparkle referral form and the completion of a personal profile

"Play club is great for Jack. He really looks forward to it and comes out in a great mood – no matter what mood he was in when he went in! It also gives us a chance to pop to the shop or take his sister to the park”

“Messy play is fun!”

“I like playing in the park and on the Didi cars”

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